RIP Tony S

RIP Tony S

Postby 74_75_78_79_ » Thu Jun 30, 2022 8:58 pm

I heard about McElhenny when it happened. I heard about Marlin Briscoe when it happened as well.

But I did not hear about Tony Siragusa until yesterday!

I thought of him as a modern-day Artie Donovan years back only to be corrected with..."but without the personality". In fairness, though, who was actually on-par in that field with AD?? Tough act to follow. Tony was a character just the same. He was an actor on what I opine is the Greatest TV Series of All-Time (The 'Beatles' of TV history; 2/9/64 Ed Sullivan Show, 1/10/99 HBO...same exact difference). He played the role as a driver/bodyguard for ANOTHER 'Tony S' (almost choked Christopher Moltisanti to death in Season 5 - my personal favorite (Steve Buscemi) season of the series - when Christopher came at the Boss when he thought he and Adriana hooked up)!

Not necessarily an Artie Donovan personality/story-teller-wise (who WAS?), but a bit of him and a bit of Alex Karras who, yes, also had that personality but was also...a BLOCKER EATER who the "Goose" specifically was! He was a big, big part of that 2000 Ravens' D as well as also being a big part of that '95 Colts team that came oh so damn close to meeting Dallas in that 'Duel in the Desert' instead! Ray & Co all seem to agree. A great assistant Tony was in #52 reaching the Legend he, indeed, reached being - with very limited argument - the Greatest Middle Linebacker in NFL History!

From a Steeler-fan...RIP Goose!

Played for the Panthers thus could have (and should have) been a Steeler!

A true-blue football personality!
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Re: RIP Tony S

Postby Brian wolf » Fri Jul 01, 2022 3:38 am

Goose's pancake of Gannon in the AFC Championship game proves a team has to have a quality backup ... The Raiders had no more fight in them and fans still wonder if Gannon and Gruden could have won it all if they had survived Baltimore but as the Titans learned the week before, that Raven defense was coming to break a teams will to win ... Though the 2000 Ravens defense didnt have the team speed of the 2002 Bucs or 1993 Cowboys, they had size and strength similar to the 1986 Giants or 2004 Patriots ...
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Re: RIP Tony S

Postby sheajets » Fri Jul 01, 2022 9:26 am

Made the news over here as he's a Jersey guy

Very sad to hear. He just had that regular guy who you could have a beer with vibe about him. Was a pretty good player too. Just one of those players who had that unique look about him physically that you don't forget.

55 years old and carried a lot of weight on him still. Can't say I'm all that surprise...doesn't look like he got his weight under control once his playing days ended
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