Seeking info re: Blitz-T offensive formation

Seeking info re: Blitz-T offensive formation

Postby Bryan » Tue Nov 23, 2021 11:21 am

I recently came across an odd formation called the Blitz-T. I am looking for photo/video of the formation (or anything, really). Howard Fletcher of Northern Illinois University conceived of the offense in the early 60's, and QB George Bork used the formation to become the first player in college football history to throw for 3000 yards in one season. From what I gather, it was a T-Formation with both ends split wide, but the QB was in a shotgun set 8-10 yards behind the LOS with the 3 RBs in front of him. I don't know exactly how the RBs were aligned in this formation. Any links/info would be appreciated.
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