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Chairs: Giovanni Malaty and Rupert Patrick

The primary goal of the PFRA Gamebooks Committee is to collect gamebooks and play-by-play accounts for every game in NFL history. These can be a valuable tool for researchers, but acquiring them can be an arduous task. The goal is to share the collective efforts of a number of researchers and pool the results in one location, hopefully to foster future research.

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PFRA has collected thousands of NFL gamebooks, but there are stillthe games that were are missing. Below is the list of games from 1980-1995 that we are still looking for.

Missing Gamebooks 1980-1995

Year League Date Opponents
1980NFL9/7/1980NYG at STL
1980NFL9/14/1980NO at CHIB
1980NFL9/14/1980OAK at SD*
1980NFL9/14/1980PIT at BAL*
1980NFL9/14/1980WAS at NYG
1980NFL9/21/1980MIN at CHIB
1980NFL9/21/1980STL at DET*
1980NFL9/28/1980HOU at CIN
1980NFL9/28/1980LARM at NYG
1980NFL10/5/1980STL at NO
1980NFL10/5/1980NYG at DAL*
1980NFL10/12/1980CHIB at MIN
1980NFL10/19/1980DET at CHIB*
1980NFL10/19/1980MIN at CIN
1980NFL10/19/1980NYG at SD
1980NFL10/19/1980STL at WAS
1980NFL10/26/1980MIN at GB
1980NFL10/26/1980CIN at HOU
1980NFL10/26/1980NO at WAS
1980NFL10/26/1980LARM at ATL
1980NFL11/2/1980MIN at WAS
1980NFL11/2/1980NO at LARM
1980NFL11/2/1980SD at CIN
1980NFL11/9/1980DET at MIN*
1980NFL11/9/1980WAS at CHIB
1980NFL11/16/1980HOU at CHIB
1980NFL11/23/1980HOU at NYJ
1980NFL11/30/1980BUF at BAL*
1980NFL11/30/1980PHI at SD*
1980NFL12/7/1980BAL at CIN
1980NFL12/7/1980SD at WAS
1980NFL12/14/1980CIN at CHIB
1980NFL12/14/1980HOU at GB
1980NFL12/14/1980MIA at BAL*
1980NFL12/15/1980NYG at WAS
1980NFL12/21/1980MIN at HOU
1981NFL9/6/1981NYJ at BUF*
1981NFL9/6/1981SEA at CIN*
1981NFL9/13/1981NYG at WAS*
1981NFL9/20/1981CLE at CIN*
1981NFL9/20/1981SD at KC*
1981NFL9/27/1981BUF at CIN*
1981NFL9/27/1981MIN at GB
1981NFL9/28/1981LARM at CHIB
1981NFL10/4/1981CIN at HOU
1981NFL10/11/1981CIN at HOU
1981NFL10/11/1981WAS at CHIB*
1981NFL11/1/1981BAL at WAS*
1981NFL11/1/1981HOU at CIN
1981NFL11/1/1981STL at WAS*
1981NFL11/8/1981DET at WAS*
1981NFL11/8/1981NYJ at BAL*
1981NFL11/8/1981PHI at STL*
1981NFL11/15/1981LARM at CIN
1981NFL11/22/1981DEN at CIN*
1981NFL12/6/1981LARM at NYG
1981NFL12/6/1981PHI at WAS*
1981NFL12/6/1981SF at CIN*
1981NFL12/13/1981BAL at WAS*
1981NFL12/20/1981NE at BAL*
1982NFL9/12/1982HOU at CIN
1982NFL11/28/1982PHI at WAS*
1982NFL12/5/1982CIN at BAL*
1982NFL12/12/1982WAS at STL*
1982NFL12/19/1982MIN at DET*
1982NFL12/19/1982MIN at DET*
1982NFL12/26/1982CLE at HOU*
1982NFL1/2/1983STL at WAS*
1982NFL1/8/1983DET at WAS*
1982NFL1/15/1983MIN at WAS*
1983NFL9/4/1983LARM at NYG*
1983NFL9/18/1983PHI at DEN*
1983NFL9/25/1983LARM at NYJ
1983NFL11/6/1983STL at WAS*
1983NFL11/20/1983WAS at LARM
1983NFL11/27/1983PHI at WAS*
1983NFL12/4/1983MIA at HOU*
1984NFL9/9/1984JC at CIN
1984NFL9/23/1984LARM at CIN
1984NFL10/7/1984WAS at IND*
1984NFL11/4/1984SD at IND*
1984NFL11/5/1984ATL at WAS*
1984NFL12/2/1984IND at BUF*
1984NFL12/22/1984NYG at LARM*
1985NFL9/15/1985HOU at WAS*
1985NFL9/22/1985PHI at WAS*
1985NFL10/7/1985STL at WAS*
1985NFL10/13/1985DEN at IND
1985NFL10/13/1985DET at WAS*
1985NFL10/20/1985LARM at KC
1985NFL11/3/1985NYJ at IND*
1985NFL11/18/1985NYG at WAS*
1985NFL12/15/1985CIN at WAS
1986NFL9/7/1986CIN at KC
1986NFL9/21/1986LARM at IND*
1986NFL9/28/1986PIT at HOU*
1986NFL10/12/1986NO at IND*
1986NFL11/2/1986MIN at WAS*
1986NFL12/7/1986CLE at BUF*
1986NFL1/3/1987WAS at CHIB*
1987NFL10/4/1987TB at DET*
1987NFL10/18/1987LARM at ATL
1987NFL10/25/1987NYJ at WAS
1987NFL11/23/1987LARM at WAS
1987NFL11/29/1987STL at ATL*
1987NFL12/6/1987KC at CIN
1987NFL12/6/1987LARM at DET
1988NFL10/2/1988PHX at LARM
1988NFL11/13/1988CIN at KC
1989NFL10/1/1989CIN at KC
1989NFL10/8/1989PHX at WAS
1989NFL12/10/1989SD at WAS*
1991NFL10/9/1991MIN at ATL*
1993NFL9/12/1993CHIB at MIN*
1994NFL11/27/1994TB at MIN*
1995NFL10/15/1995ATL at STL
1995NFL11/19/1995STL at ATL

*Gamebook has missing or unreadable pages.

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